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Lennox® HCWB3-17 Humidifier


The Lennox Healthy Climate® HCWB-17 model humidifier is a whole home by-pass humidifier which provides optimal humidity through central HVAC system. Call us for purchase and installation of Lennox HCWB-17 humidifier.




  • Large 6" By-pass with Simple Seasonal Damper
  • 17 US Gallon Per Day
  • Manual and Automatic Humidity controller
  • Easy to replace water pads
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • One Year Labor Warranty


Price Including Parts & Labor


Lennox HCWB3-17 (Manual Humidity Controller) : Call For More InformationLennox

HCWB3-17A (Automatic Humidity Controller) : Call For More Information



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