Lennox iComfort® WiFi Smart Thermostat
iComfort WiFi Smart Thermostat is designed for total control over your heating and cooling system. Remote Access with Cloud connectivity lets you adjust temperature and control energy costs from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simple touch screen interface with intuitive, menu-driven icons and high-definition back-lighting makes programming easy. Automatic updates connect you to new features as they become available and alert you and your dealer to any system maintenance issues.Weather-on-Demand with five-day forecast displays outdoor temperatures. Customizable skin allows you to match your home decor. Automatically controls the whole-house humidity systems,based on programmed set-points to enhance the comfort and quality of your air. Maintains constant communication with Lennox Signature and Elite Series line equipment for a higher level of comfort control and system performance. Precise Comfort Plus holds a temperature to within 0.5 degree or less,when paired with Lennox modulating furnace. iComfort is compatible with Lennox Signature® Collection and Lennox Elite® Series system. iComfort dealer in Richmond Hill.
Compatible Systems :
Lennox High Efficiency Furnace : EL296V, SLP98V
Lennox High Efficiency Air Conditioner : XC17,SL18XC1,XC20,XC21,XC25