Caring for your new fireplace

Your purchase of a gas fireplace is an investment which will bring outstanding comfort, warmth and energy savings for years to come. To help ensure that your fireplace always opeartes at peak performances we recommend that your installation, annual service and inspection be performed by a profrssional , trained installer who will familiarize you with the opearting installations, Here are some additional simple guidlines for care and maintenance.

Gas fireplace care and cleaning



Periodic cleaning of the viewing glass is required. Wait for the unit to cool completely before wiping the glass;wiping a hot glass with a damp cloth can cause thermal stress and subsequesnt breakage. Clean the glass after the first 10 hours of opeation. If deposits are not cleaned off regularly, a white, or grey film may appear on the glass that may adhere permanently to the glass surface. We recommend a gas fireplace glass cleaner available through your dealer. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners which can scratch or damage the surface of treated glass. When removing the glass door for cleaning, remeber to note its fixed position and the placement of gaskets so that it may be easily and properly reinstalled. Read your owner's manual for any additional instructions. If the viwing glass or seal needs replacing, use only material specified in your manual. Items must be suiable for the application and temperature.

Brass Chrome Trim

Wait for the unit to cool before wiping any brass or chrome trim on your fireplace. Gently wipe with a clean soft cloth and buff lightly, being careful to avoid contact with any sharp edges. To remove fingerprints, wipe with soft cloth lightly dampened with lemon oil.

Logs & Embers

After cleaning or moving the logs or embers in your fireplace, be sure to place them as shown in your owner's manual. If the logs are not properly positioned, carboning will occure. Place a drop sheet in front of the fireplace to avoid soiling of capets. Do not place any hot items on a combustible surface such as carpet.


Like other heating products, your fireplace requires regular maintenance to ensure its safe and efficient opeation. Always make sure that the control compartments, burners, circulating air passageways and fans are kept clean;if your fireplace is going into home during construction or renovations, do not use the fireplace until the area is thoroughly cleaned. Drywall dust and other contaminents may harm the fan, motors and burners. More frequent cleaning may be required due to excessive inltt, dust or hair from carpeting, pets etc.


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